Steam Locomotive Makes Tracks for Super Bowl

LINCOLN, Neb. -- There's nothing like seeing an old locomotive rolling down the tracks like a mad dragon, puffing black smoke and white steam into the air.  It's twice as special when it's done in the winter. Clouds of steam rise like thunderheads in the cold.  Railroad buffs and the public will get a chance to gaze at such a magical monster when the Union Pacific Railroad’s "Challenger" No. 3985 rolls across Arkansas later this week on its way to the Super Bowl in Houston.

No. 3985, the world's largest operating steam locomotive, is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming., and seldom leaves its home -- especially in winter. UP officials decided to make the special 3,500-mile, nine-state tour to celebrate railroad heritage.  "Houston is steeped in railroad history, and having the world's largest operating steam locomotive on display during the Super Bowl seemed a natural fit," the railroad said in a press release.

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January 22, 2004