The music on this site was reproduced for enjoyment, review, inspirational and spiritual purposes only “from my personal collection of CD’s that I’ve purchased, the music within this site is in no way for commercial gain. Its sole purpose is to offer viewers a place to come and receive a spiritual blessing from god, and re-live the music of long ago.

The music is recorded in 8 bit mono as a nostalgic reminder of how music sounded then. There are no CD quality sounds on this site to prevent anyone from burning stereo quality CD’s.

All titles are copyrighted by their respective artists and record companies. Please buy the music you desire from an authorized reseller. “Support the artists!  Lyrics have been added to many pages for a “sing a long”.  I have added midi's to certain pages, they have been linked back to the copyright owners site and are used with permission when source is known, others I have acquired through surfing midi sites and creator is not known. The use of any of this material is not intended as a copyright infringement on any of the artist or any other entity's copyrighted material.