The McClure Highfill Home

Paragould, Arkansas

Listed on

The National Register of Historic Places

Owners, Bonnie and Gary McClure

Process Required for Placement on the National Register

The first step in an Arkansas property's being placed on the National Register is the filing of a Determination of Eligibility application with the Department of Arkansas Heritage in Little Rock.  This form requires the home owner to respond to a number of specific questions, supplying information that allows the National Register historians in the state capital to determine if, indeed, the property is eligible for the National Register.

Based on this document, referred to as a DOE, state historians judge first whether a site inspection is warranted, and, if so, two state historians visit the property.  Their recommendation about the building's eligibility is presented to the entire department, the group that makes the final decision.

If the property is deemed eligible, the owner then completes a registration form, again responding to specific criteria.  These two documents, the Determination of Eligibility Application and the National Register Registration Form, for the McClure Highfill Home in Paragould, Arkansas, appear on the links accessed below. 

 Determination of Eligibility Application

National Register Nomination Form

Gary McClure's Home Page