Bend in the Road



When we feel we have nothing left to give
and we are sure that the song has ended
When our day seems over and the shadows fall
and the darkness of night has descended
Where can we go to find the strength
to valiantly keep on trying
Where can we find the hand that will dry
the tears that the heart is crying


Thereís but one place to go and that is to God
and dropping all pretense and pride
We can pour out our problems without restraint
and gain strength with Him at our side
And together we stand at lifeís crossroads
and view what we think is the end


But God has a much bigger vision
and He tells us itís only a bend
For the road goes on and is smoother
and the pause in the song is a rest
And the part thatís unsung and unfinished
is the sweetest and richest and best


So rest and relax and grow stronger 
let go and let God share your load
Your work is not finished or ended 
youíve just come to a bend in the road

Helen Steiner Rice


Song playing is   An Irish Blessing

           by Roma Downey and Phil Coulter



An Irish Blessing

May the blessing of light be upon you
Light on the outside, Light on the inside

With God's sunlight shining on you
May your heart glow with warmth like a turf fire
that welcomes friends and strangers alike

May the light of the Lord shine from your eyes
Like a candle in the window
Welcoming the weary traveler

May the blessing of God's soft rain be on you
Falling gently on your head, refreshing your soul
With the sweetness of little flowers newly blooming

May the strength of the winds of Heaven bless you
Carrying the rain to wash your spirit clean
Sparkling after in the sunlight

May the blessing of God's earth be on you
And as you walk the roads
May you always have a kind word for those you meet

May you understand the strength and power of God
In a thunderstorm in winter
And the quiet beauty of creation
In the calm of a Summer sunset

And may you come to realize that
insignificant as you may seem in this great Universe
You are an important part of God's plan

May he watch over you
and keep you safe from harm

An Irish Blessing

by Roma Downey and Phil Coulter

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