McClure Christmas 2004

Several things have changed in the McClure Family this year.  The troubling times of past are over and I have a new life.  My four children are all doing well.  I have been able to see them frequently this past year.  We had a Florida Vacation together and then this Thanksgiving we had a great time together.  I feel great!  I am learning ballroom dance and love it.  My 65-year-old body is ticking along very well.  Until August I was walking two miles and lifting weights at the health center nearly every day.  I really enjoyed the exercise.  As I said things have changed for this 65 year old man...

Leianne and her husband Mark still live in New Orleans with their two children.  Amy is now 11 and Zack is 9.  Amy is busy with girl scouts and swimming.  Zack loves to play baseball and has joined the chess club in his school. He and Amy are in the school band, he plays the drums and Amy plays the clarinet.  They changed schools last year and have settled in nicely. They have met many new friends. Leianne is spending many hours a day driving them across the river to school but she is pleased with the new school.


Lucinda is still in Pennsylvania at Lehigh University, with her three children. Will is 15, Melissa is 13, and John is 11. Will had a great football season this year. He is going to school at Bethlehem Catholic High School.  Will is also in Boy Scouts.  Melissa is playing volleyball, and she has been drafted by an AAU team in Philadelphia to play in state competition. John had a great season in baseball.  He is a very good pitcher. I spent some time in Pennsylvania this year and enjoyed seeing my grand children excel in their activities.


Mike and his wife Cara moved to Ohio late last year.  Lauren 14 is still living in Texas, Cody, 10, Jason, 9, and Rachel, 2 years, have adjusted to the cold weather.  Cody and Jason played soccer this year.  Mike has worked a lot on his new home this year.  


Tim and Alice Ann sold their home in Little Rock and purchased a home in Pine Bluff. Tim is finishing up his medical school and is now doing rotations at Jefferson Regional Medical Center- Pine Bluff. They are expecting their first child in June.  They still have their two dogs, Larry and Dale. 



...starting in August.  After a failed marriage that legally ended in May of this year, my children thought I should take a vacation and move from Paragould.  I visited each of them and was gone for eight weeks. I was considering moving closer to one of my children as I was approaching my 65th year, old age.  That two months was a great time that I spent with my nine grandchildren, making plans for retirement near one of my children.  I could live in Pennsylvania in the summer and the winter in Louisiana. 

As all of you know by now I spend a lot of time on the Internet and one night in late July, while in Pennsylvania, when I had nothing to do I clicked on the personal links.  First time for everything, and it was quite interesting.  So late the next night when all were asleep, I checked it out again.  After about an hour I bated my hook.  I posted my best Sunday-go-to-meeting picture that was six years old, mostly black hair and a leaner looking slim picture, and my profile telling my best attributes.  Well it was fun to read the responses, so I made a three-fold posting, not just one personal page, but three.  As a poor student of Miss Mobley’s typing class, I spent a lot of time trying to answer E-mails and make phone calls.   Fun!!!   Fun!!!  Some of these ladies were…  

Prescience!  On these personal sites you have to use a user name, a different one on each site.  Well by now I had forgotten one of my user names, and the E-mail was stacking up.  But there was a Tennessee lady (10 O C, her user name) who had prescience.  She had sent me five E-mails and when I did remember my user name and checked that site, I found her, and she was the one.  After several days of talking on the telephone I agreed to meet her and her mother for dinner and ballroom dancing in Memphis.  She and her mother are accomplished ballroom dancers.

Two weeks later after a second date, we decided to get married. Her brother who is a Lutheran minister, lives in Chicago and was not able to perform the ceremony on Labor Day weekend.  He suggested that we take a pre marital course offered by her church to make sure we were compatible, and we did.  We passed the test with such flying colors that her pastor suggested that he marry us on the spot and we said “ I Do”, September 22, 2004. 

We have six children – my four and her two- 3 boys and 3 girls. She also has three grand children, plus three brothers, and seven nieces and nephews.  We will renew our wedding vows on December 31, 2004, and we are asking all our grand children and nephews and nieces to be in that ceremony. Her brother will officiate. 

Her name is Bonnie Ann, a Tennessee lady, graduated from West End High School, Nashville in 1959, and Vanderbilt University 1963, BS in Nursing.  She obtained her master’s degree from University of West Florida.  Bonnie Ann served in the Navy Nurse Corps for 30 years and retired as a Captain in 1992.

Her husband died in 2000, they were married for 28 years.  He was also a retired Naval officer and they settled near his hometown, in west Tennessee.  I have met many of his family members and they are a very fine group of people and have accepted me in to their family.

Bonnie and I have visited each of our children and met all the immediate family members.  We have been too busy to E-mail our friends.  Please forgive us. We invite you to join us for our “formal” wedding ceremony, which will take place at Faith Lutheran Church, Collierville, Tennessee, at 2:00 PM December 31, 2004, with a New Year’s Eve reception at our home.   

We will be living in Bonnie’s home on Lake Woodrun.  We have a large home and guesthouse.  We invite you to visit us.  She and I both love dinning out and the theater. We have season tickets to Theater Memphis, Orpheum Theater and Germantown Community Theater.  We are going to DeSoto Family Theater December 13 to see Miracle on 34th Street.  If you like theater or dinning out we would like for you to join us some time

Yes, I am now taking ballroom dance lessons, learning how to be a Lutheran, and loving ever minute of it.  That is all the news from Lake Woodrun, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking and all the children are above average!


We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I ask that you do the same for our family as we enter the New Year. Here’s hoping that you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year filled with many joys.







 Bonnie and Gary