Christmas In Killarney

and from the McClure’s of Dunvegan 

December 2007

The Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings and God's Blessings to each of you.



The time has come again for getting in touch with those we cherish to extend our wishes for all to have a happy and safe holiday season.  We hope this past year has been as good for you as it was for us.


We are not as physically fit or thin as we would have hoped to be by now, after a year of establishing a new yard and landscaping, but, we are making extra effort now by going to the wellness center at the hospital for exercises three days a week.  And, since the weather got cooler, we have added walks in the subdivision to our routine.  This area has just enough rolling terrain to require a bit of extra effort in our walking pace.  After the holidays, we should be more successful in cutting back on the calories.  Do you detect our New Year’s resolutions in the making?  Unfortunately, our resolutions are about the same year after year.


To up-date you on our children:  Teresa L. and Roger Summey, Leianne M. and Mark McGinnis, and Mike and Cara McClure, have all remained stable in their jobs and places of residence.  Skip and Jonna Leadford were transferred to New Hampshire in August.  Jonna is working at the Naval Dispensary at Portsmouth , NH , and Skip is back into computer programming.  Lucinda M. Lawson resigned from her job recently and is hoping to relocate somewhere in the south.  She is tired of Pennsylvania winters.  Her home has sold, and she is checking out several offers in her field of Human Resource Development.  Tim and Alice Ann McClure have added a second child to their family.  Elizabeth Jane “Betsy” McClure was born several weeks early on the 14th of September.  She was 6 lbs. 5 oz. at birth, but, has more than doubled her weight and has filled out nicely.  Big brother, Wesley, is happy with his new sister.  That brings the total of our grandchildren to 14 now, and we love them all.  Fortunately, all are healthy and happy.  Next year, the first ones will be starting to collage! 


Momma Becky Harding is still living with us, and though there is some noticeable decline in her mental ability, she still is happy and enjoys getting out for short trips and family gatherings.  She will have her 90th birthday on the 14th of January.


We were also blessed this year, in January, to have adopted a dog from the humane society in Little Rock .  Advertised on, as a “terrier mix” our pet turned out to be a pure bred miniature Schnauzer female.  She had been roaming the streets of Little Rock for some time, and her hair had grown long all over.  Her photo on the internet was not that appealing, and we really had not been planning to obtain a pet, yet something said “go look at this little one”.  So we did, and on January 9th, we acquired a new joy in our lives.  We named her Misty, because of her gray coloring, and this little miss has taken over.  She is about 5 years old, was house trained, and knowledgeable of obedience commands (though in truth her Schnauzer tracking trait often supercedes human commands).  She is a devoted companion and lap dog who keeps Mom and us well entertained and adored.


Speaking of adored, we pray that each of you will find peace and joy this season of Christmas, as you again adore the Christ child who came to love and save us all.


God bless you and keep you in the coming year.


Gary and Bonnie McClure




Lyrics to Christmas in Killarney

The holly green, the ivy green
The prettiest picture you've ever seen
Is Christmas in Killarney
With all of the folks at home

It's nice, you know, to kiss your beau
While cuddling under the mistletoe
And Santa Claus you know, of course
Is one of the boys from home

The door is always open
The neighbors pay a call
And Father John before he's gone
Will bless the house and all

How grand it feels to click your heels
And join in the fun of the jigs and reels
I'm handing you no blarney
The likes you've never known
Is Christmas in Killarney
With all of the folks at home