December 2005

Merry Christmas from our house to your house

Dear Family and Friends,

Our first year together has been like a continuous honeymoon, with a lot of travel (a Caribbean cruise, then driving the country from eastern Pennsylvania to southern California, and northern Michigan to the Florida Keys) plus visits with all our children, several school and family reunions, and stops with friends along the way.  Being with others has been so enjoyable that we decided to move from our remote country home on Lake Woodrun, into an area near one of our children.  As if God had a hand in it, when we listed our home in Tennessee, we found a buyer who took possession in less than two weeks.  With the help of neighbors and family members, we relocated all our possessions into Mother Harding’s house next door and went looking for a new home.

Four of our six children are still in transition phases with their jobs and may be relocating in the coming years.  Skip & Jonna Leadford are with the Navy in Portsmouth, VA; Lieanne & Mark McGinnis in New Orleans in hospital administration are hoping to move away; Lucinda Lawson in Bethlehem, PA, is changing jobs soon from full time college professor to full time consultant in resource management; and Mike & Cara McClure in Mainesville, OH, just changed jobs this summer but he is still getting other offers as well.  That leaves Teresa & Roger Summey who are well situated in Memphis at FedEx and La Quinta hotels; and Tim and Alice McClure in Pine Bluff, AR, where Tim is doing his Family Practice residency and will be setting up practice there.  Alice and her family are Pine Bluff natives who plan to stay.

We finally decided to move close to Tim and Alice and our 5 month old grandson Wesley.  We wanted to have a good fitness center near by to use on a daily basis, and to have good health care available in our “golden” years.  In Pine Bluff, we are assured that Dr. Tim will over-see our health care needs and encourage us to use the fitness center at the hospital within walking distance.

Thanksgiving was enjoyed at 98 Woodrun Circle (Mom’s) with Mike, Cara and Rachael; Teresa; and Tim, Alice  Wesley joining us for the day.  Mike and Tim stayed through noon on Saturday with their families, to visit and help us get the last of our belongings out of the garage and attic at our old home.  Please use 98 Woodrun Circle, Middleton, TN 38052 as our mailing address.  Our E-mail addresses will not be changing: or  Our web site  has photos and more details about 2005.  Check us out when you have time.

Our holiday plans are to go to New York City in mid-December to take in the sights and a few Broadway plays, then to spend Christmas and New Years in Chicago with brother Stan and Linda Harding.  Mom Harding will be going there too, while brother Stuart (with whom she’s been living the past eleven months) and Cindy have their family holiday in Colorado.

            We wish each of you and your families a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

In the Name of our Lord, the Christ Child,
Gary and Bonnie McClure

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