The John Gordon Family

In 1799, John Gordon was born in North Carolina. John and his brother Frederick, (born 1801), migrated with their parents to Carroll County, Tennessee. In 1861, John's wife Elizabeth had died, and John and at least three of his sons, Jacob F., John Walker, and Erwin T., migrated to Greene County, Arkansas.  "Ole" John was buried in Mars Hill Cemetery, which at that time was in Greene County; after the division of Greene in 1873, Mars Hill was in Clay County, Arkansas.


JACOB F. GORDON'S FAMILY. John Gordon's oldest son, Jacob F., was born in 1830. His first wife Julia was childless. Jacob's second wife was Julia's sister, Adaline, and she and Jacob had six children: Martha, Belle Zora, John Randolph, Rubin, James A., and Ernest Simpson. Unfortunately, Adaline later hanged herself. Jacob F. was a Mason; he is buried at Mars Hill.

Jacob F.'s son John Randolph (Buck) was born in 1862 and married Hennretta Dodd (b.1869); their children were Edith (m. Arnold French), Auda (m. Cleve Hamilton), and Jewell (m. Essie Glassgow). Some of John Randolph's descendents still live in Clay County.

John Randolph (Buck) and Hennretta Gordon

The James Harmon Overton Family 


L to R Mary and James Overton, Mary and Stark Oliphant, unknown woman, holding Robert Gordon, Nannie holding Pearl and Ernest (Tom) Gordon.  Boys in in front are Ford and Claud Gordon

Jacob F.'s son Ernest Simpson (b. 9/4/1876) married Nannie Alma Overton. Their children were James Ford, William Claud, Janie Pearl, Robert, John Overton, Alma Ruth, and Richard Jacob. Robert had two children, Michael and Patricia. Patricia married Larry Joe Miller and they live in Greene County.

Ernest Simpson (Tom) Gordon

Ernest Simpson's fifth child, John Overton (b. 6/30/1916), married Mildred Ester Webb (b. 3/14/1918 d. 1995, buried in Milan, Tennessee). They moved to Milan, Tennessee in 1952. Their children are Marilyn Kay (b. 1941, d. 1987, buried in Pleasant Grove, Greene County, Arkansas, m. Gary Lee McClure 1960, ), Carol Joan (b. 1942, m. Gary Heath), Linda Sue (b. 1945, d. 2000, buried in Milan, Tennessee, m. Robert Cross, ), and John Douglas (b. 1954, m. Vicki Bray).

Jacob F.'s three sons differed in their religious beliefs. John Randolph was Primitive Baptist and believed the world was square. James A. was Methodist, and Ernest Simpson (Tom) was Church of Christ. It was noted that the brothers had "very hard discussions about religion."

Ernest Simpson and John Randolph Gordon's Family
November 23, 1999  Rector, Arkansas

FIRST ROW  top; Flora Russell, Judy Gordon, Sam Johnson, Bill Gordon, Robert Johnston, Gordon Johnston, John Douglas Gordon, Meghan Gordon.  SECOND ROW; H. C. Cannon, Mildred Cannon, Larry Joe Miller, Tim McClure, Gail Johnston, Ashley Johnston, Kenneth Johnston, Bob Cross, Phillip Gordon, Ava Gordon, Trey Johnston, Tina Johnston.  THIRD ROE; Scot Miller, Emily Miller, Dorene Gordon, Mary Gordon, Denise Johnston, Carol Heath, Nathan Cross, Cynthia Johnston, Jennifer Johnston, Kelly Johnston, and Brittany Johnston.  FOURTH ROE seated; Robbie Gordon, Vondale Gordon, John Gordon, Richard Gordon, Linda Cross, Tiffany Johnston.  FIFTH ROE; Vickie Gordon, Laura Gordon, Amy McGinnis, Leianne McClure McGinnis, and Zacary Gordon McGinnis.

JOHN WALKER GORDON'S FAMILY. John Gordon's second son, John Walker, married Sarah A. before the family left Tennessee in 1859. Their children were Mary Jane (b. 1856), Cordelia (b. 1859), and John William (b. 1861). Later, John Walker married Mary R., and their children were Sarah (b. 1865), George (b. 1873), Florni (b. 1875), Irvin (b. 1877), and Ezra (b. 1880).

John William, son of John Walker and Sarah A., married Mary Ellen Johnston. The couple had fourteen children, the third of whom was Charlie Clayborn (b. 1891, m. Linnie Walters 1919, d. 1962). One of Charlie and Linnie's sons was John William Gordon of Piggott (b. 1924). John and his wife Grace's children are John Richard, Phillip Earl, Joe Robert, and Tammy Joyce. Two of their sons, Phillip and Joe, live in Greene County, Arkansas.

John William Gordon, b. 1861

ERWIN T. GORDON’S FAMILY. John Gordon's third son, Erwin T., (b. 1845 in TN – d. 1914 in Mo) married Mary A. Maddox (b. 1843 in Ms – d. 1910 in Mo).  Their children were John, James, Pleasant, Richard, Matilda, Mary, and Martha.  Around 1890 they moved to Bennett, Ripley County, Mo.  During the next few years all of his children (except Matilda) moved to Ripley County with their families. 

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