Recommended Garden Vegetable Varieties

New varieties are constantly being introduced so it is impossible to determine in one list such as this the latest best varieties for all gardens.  I suggest that you periodically try new varieties and compare them with these and other lists prepared by experienced gardeners. Their criteria for selection of a variety may differ greatly from yours so their choices may also vary. Additionally, their test garden may have far different soil and climate conditions. Keep an open mind and keep records of what you have grown and what you wish to grow. You may wish to share your choices with your friends and also get feedback from your friends before making the final decision of what to grow. If you would like  to share your selections with me please send it via email to webmaster. We can change the list as recommended by our visitors and by other specialists. Thank you.




Jersey Giant, Mary Washington, U.C. 157, Jersey Knight

Beans, Bush

Blue Lake Bush, Contender, Blue Lake 274, Greensleeves, Kentucky Wonder 125, Tendercrop, Topcrop

Beans, Bush (Wax)

Gold Crop Wax, Cherokee, Imp. Golden Wax, Sunrae

Beans, Pole

Blue Lake, Kentucky Blue, Kentucky Wonder

Beans, Lima

Fordhook 242, Baby Fordhook, Henderson Bush, Jackson Wonder

Beans, Lima, Pole

Large Speckled Christmas, King of Garden

Beans, Other

Fava or Broadbeans, Garbanzo or Chickpea, Pinto, Luna, Pinto Navajo,


Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder, Golden Beet, Cylindra, Ruby Queen, Perfected Detroit


Bonanza Hybrid, Green Goliath, Green Comet Hybrid, Emperior, Green Valient, Preemium Crop, Hybrid Packman

Brusssels Sprouts

Prince Marvel Hybrid, Hybrid Jade Cross


Colden Acre, Red Acre, Early Jersey Wakefield

Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)

Delicious 51, Hales Best, Ambrosia Hybrid, Luscious Plus Hybrid


Imperator, Red Core Chantenay, Danvers Half Long, Nantes Coreless


Snowball (types), Snow King, Snow Crown Hybrid, Snowball Self-Blanching

Chard, Swiss

Fordhook Giant, Rhubarb, Lucullus Light Green, Ruby Chard, Bright Lights.


Georgia, Vates

Corn, Sweet (regular, SU)

Merit, Early Sunglow, Golden Jubilee, Iochief, Silver Queen (White), Golden Cross Bantam

Corn, Sweet (sugary Enhancer, SE)

Kandy Korn EH, Hybrid Double Delicious, Hybrid Bodacious, Miracle

Corn, Sweet (Super Sweet, SH2)

Early Xtra-Sweet, Illini Xtra-Sweet, How Sweet It Is, Honey-‘N Pearl

Cucumber, Slicing

Armenian (long, ribbed), Bush champion, Hybrid Slicemaster, Hybrid Burpless, Spacemaster (bush), Straight Eight, Streamliner, Sweet Success Hybrid, Sweet Slice Hybrid

Cucumber, Pickling

National Pickling, West India Gherkin


Black Beauty, Dusky, Easter Egg, Orient Express, Ichiban Hybrid


Spanish Roja, Carpathian, Inchelium Red, California Early, Silverskin (S&H)


Early Purple Vienna, Early White Vienna, Grand Duke


American Flag, Titan

Lettuce, Head

Great Lakes Strains, Iceberg

Lettuce, Leaf

Black Seeded Simpson, Oak Leaf, Ruby, Salad Bowl, Red Sails, Prizehead

Lettuce, Romaine

Paris Island Cos, Rosalita, Valmaine Cos

Lettuce, Butterhead

Bibb, Buttercrunch




Clemson Spineless, Annie Oakley Hybrid

Onions, Fall Planted

Early New Mexico Grano, Temprano Grano 502, Hybrid White Bermuda, Texas Grano 1015Y, Granex Hybrid

Onions, Spring Planted

White, Yellow & Red Globe, White & Yellow Sweet Spanish, Walla Walla Sweet


All American, Hollow Crown


Italian Dark Green Plain Leaf, Forest Green, Paramont

Peas, Snap Pea

Sugar Daddy, Sugar Ann, Sugar Bon, Sugar Snap, Supper Snappy

Peas, Snow

Oregon Sugar Pod II, Dwarf Gray Sugar

Peas, English

Alaska, Green Arrow, Little Marvel, Wando, Lincoln

Peas, Cowpeas

California Black-eye, Purple Hull

Peppers, Bell

Bell Boy, Gypsy Hybrid, California Wonder

Peppers, Chile

Española Improved (hot), Hungarian Wax (hot), NuMex R Naky (mildd), New Mexico 6-4 (mild), NuMex Big Jim (mild to medium), Sandia (hot)

Potato, Irish

Irish Cobbler (white), Kennebec (white), La Rouge (red), Norgold (russet), Pontiac (red), Viking (red)

Potato, Sweet

Caromex, Jewel, Oklamex Red


Big Max, Jack-O-Lantern, New England Pie, Small Sugar, Spirit, Hybrid Autumn Gold, Jack-Be-Little, Ghost Rider


Cherry Belle, Easter Egg, French Breakfast, Sparkler, White Icicle, Champion, German Giant


America, Longstanding (Bloomsdale), Melody, Winter Bloomsdale, Hybrid Tyee, Hybrid Avon, Giant Nobel

Spinach, Summer

New Zealand

Squash, Summer

Dixie (crookneck, yellow), Early Prolific (straightneck, yellow), Gold Rush (zucchini, yellow), Hybrid Jackpot (zucchini, green), Black Magic (zucchini, green), Grey Zucchini, Peter Pan (scallop), Sunburst Hybrid (scallop)

Squash, Winter

Blue Hubbard, Buttercup, Jersey Golden, Acorn, Sweet Mama Hybrid, Table King Acorn, Table Queen Acorn, Vegetable Spaghetti, Waltham Butternut, Delicata, Ponca, Table Ace

Tomatoes, Plum, small types

Red Cherry, Sweet100, Tiny Tim, Yellow Pear

Tomatoes, Regular

Beefmaster VFN, Better Boy VFN, Early Girl, Early Pick VF, Extra Early VFNT, Fantastic, Homestead 24, Delicious, Celebrity VFFNT Hybrid, Super Beefsteak VFN

Tomatoes, Paste

Roma VF, Viva Italia Hybrid


Purple Top White Globe, Hybrid Tokyo Cross


Black Diamond, Charleston Gray, Crimson Sweet, Bush Sugar Baby, Sweet Favorite

Melons, other

Casaba, Golden Beauty, Crenshaw, Early Hybrid, Honey Dew Type, Hybrid Earli-dew, Honey Dew Type, Venus

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