Rector High School, Class of 1958

Rector, Arkansas

Christmas 2001, Perkins Restaurant, Paragould

Alan told us that he was taking magician lessons. 

He said he could make a glass of water rise from the table, and float in mid air, and that he could raise cotton that would produce 4 bale per acre.

Shirley, his wife, said "Alan needed more lessons on story telling".

Linda, one of our quite classmates, ask us to sing happy birthday for her.  She said we had not done that since 1958.

She was surprised when we told her she was 61 years old.


Tired....................................and retired?????????????????


Senior moment, catch a quick nap.


Helium filled balloons make some people talk funny, helium near Dorothy makes her mouth wobble.


 Now how did I get down here? A moment ago I was standing at the

top of the stairs! Gary! What did you put in that egg nog??


Christmas 2000

Guys Restaurant, Paragould
and Gary Home

Pictures by Gary McClure








Christmas 1999

Ole Feed House, Jonesboro

Pictures by Johnny Williams







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