Eugene Hynds' $100 Picture Post Card

Motsinger Park, Rector, Arkansas

This is Eugene's picture post card that was written by his father 90 years ago.   His father wrote the postcard to his sister, Eugene's aunt.  The picture is of the Motsinger Park that was near the Hynds’ home.  Eugene had never seen the card until it arrived in his office by U.S. mail last week.  The card was on eBay and Eugene decided he wanted it, just because it was a picture postcard of the Motsinger Park.  The back of the card was not revealed to Eugene and after a successful bid of $106, the card arrived in Rector, Ark.  Needless to say he was quite surprised and excited to see the back of the card, written to his aunt, from his father, who worked for the railroad.  The card had never been mailed and was sold by a card collector in Denver, Colorado.  Eugene had some kind of feeling that he should buy the card and paid what he thought was premium price, until he saw the backside of the post card, then the card increased in sentimental value!

Eugene's father born in 1880, worked for the Cotton Belt Railroad., or the St. Louis Southwestern Railway.  This is another picture postcard from his father. It was mailed to Eugene's grandmother in 1920 and is not in very good shape.  The handwriting and the signature are the same as on the Motsinger card. 


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July 31, 2012