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You do not have to know
how to square dance.

We will teach you!

are FREE


 Do you remember the Grand Colonel Spin?


Family fun set to music!

Clean wholesome environment.

If you can walk you can square dance!


Square Dance Video

Lucky Strike Square Dancers

Why Square Dance?

  1. Square Dancing Keeps You Young!
    Watch This Video!

  2. A common square dance slogan is "Square Dancing is friendship set to music." Square Dancing is a fun wholesome activity you can enjoy in an alcohol-free environment. Since square dancing is a highly social activity, you are sure to meet lots of new friends and it doesn’t matter whether you are shy or outgoing. Come as a couple, bring your family, or come as a single.  Just come!  

  3. If you can walk, you can Square Dance! Square Dancing is a low –impact aerobic activity. It is easy physical exercise and yet you can burn between 300-800 calories per evening! Just don’t overdo it at the potluck table! It strengthens weight-bearing bones and slows loss of bone mass. It provides cardiovascular conditioning. The balance and range of motion required provides good physical therapy. Regular square dancing typically adds 10 years to a dancer's life span. It’s Fun! It’s Fit! Come Try It!

  4. Square Dancing keeps the mental juices flowing because you do not know what the next move will be! This makes it different from, and much more fun, than other forms of dancing. Once you know the calls and they come automatically to you, it can become almost meditative and the perfect way to relax and get centered after a long day. You’ll spend a lot of time laughing too, so even before the calls come automatically, it is hard to leave a dance in a bad mood.

  5. Square Dancing is very inexpensive entertainment. With today’s economy, isn’t it nice to know you can still go out for an evening of fun and fellowship for less than the cost of show?

  6. Did you know you can square dance anywhere? Square Dancing is an activity found all over the world. It is enjoyed locally, state wide and nationally. And guess what? No matter where you go you’ll be able to dance because all the calls are in English.

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