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Volunteer for the 63rd National Square Dance Convention



     Welcome to the wonderful world of Square Dancing. We are glad you could join us.  It seems too trite to say "Welcome to the wonderful world of Square Dancing" and "Congratulations on joining us" - sounds boastful. But I can think of no better way than to say "Welcome and Congratulations".

     The coming weeks will pass rapidly, as you will see, because of the busy FUN we will be enjoying.  There will be nights of slight confusion during your weekly sessions here, and if not, you will be an exception.  However, the many other nights of joyous laughter with your newly found friends and neighbors will more than compensate.  You will find FUN beyond expression, genuine-honest laughter, and a real sense of accomplishment and deep personal satisfaction.

     Those who may object to friendly association with people; who believe "if at first you don't succeed, skip it"; or who insist on excelling always at any cost, will not stay around long enough to become Square Dancers.

     We will all be making mistakes from time to time, and the 'goofs' are part of the FUN.   Yes, some have more FUN than others - - - but it all comes out even in the end.   The person with two left feet will find the other foot and will dance as well as the rest by the time we graduate.  Remember one important rule, do not laugh AT anyone's goof, let them laugh first, then laugh with them.

     You will learn the rhythm and balance of Square Dancing, and at the same time learn to listen and respond to the caller.  "LISTEN" is a key word.  If you miss what the caller said, you will be in left field with seven other people in the square looking at you.  Hence, an important rule for new and veteran dancers alike is, "LISTEN".

     Consideration for others is very important in Square Dancing.  Avoid any act, word or condition which might offend your fellow dancers.  You will be happier and more popular for it.

     The rewards for staying with, for listening and for being tolerant are greater than you realize now.  By this time next year, you will have made dozens of new and wonderful friends.  You will have been to festivals, jamborees, many FUN dances and after-parties.  You will be a member of one or more Square Dance Clubs.  You will have acquired a bright new outlook on life and a colorful new wardrobe.   Physically, mentally, socially - just about any way you think of it, you will have profited.



Living Next Door to Alice

by Jerry Stone



Copyright © Star Steppers Square Dance Club 2011

Gary McClure,






What is a Square Dancer?

A Square Dancer is a person who knows his left from his right, but occasionally forgets it.

A Square Dancer is someone who has learned to do as he is told (by the caller), but doesn't always do it.

He is fanatical in his search for a good time, traveling miles in all kinds of weather, going places he would never go otherwise, spending all night on his feet which were killing him at work, and smiling happily all the time.

A Square Dancer speaks a language all his own. He calls his partner his taw, his honey, his date, darling or pretty little thing, and he promenades, sashays, weaves, circulates, dances, circles around the ring, circle or set.

He learns his dancing thru and thru: right and left thru, pass thru, turn thru, step thru, barge thru - and he must be agile enough to do such unlikely things as box the gnat, shoot the star, slip the clutch, pickup up a girl or shuck the corn.

If this description fits you, do not worry. Although it is practically incurable, this disease is not at all harmful, and most square dancers have a strong desire to infect other members of the community.

Classes start October 3, so come on out and join the fun!



    do NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AT DANCES?   Alcohol inhibits our ability to listen and perform. Alcohol reduces our reaction time making us a poorer dancer. In addition, square dancing is a wholesome, family-oriented activity.

   BELONG TO A CLUB?  Clubs are needed to organize dances and establish a means to enjoy the fellowship of square dancing. To survive, they need an active membership where everyone helps. Volunteer; donít wait to be asked.

   STAY NON-COMPETITIVE?  In square dancing we want everyone to have fun, so without winners and losers this can be accomplished.

   OVERLOOK MISTAKES BY OTHERS?  We all make mistakes ourselves. Everyone is trying Ė Encourage them!

   WEAR NAME BADGES?  Badges enable us to be on a first name basis, which furthers friendly fellowship.

   WELCOME NEW DANCERS?  New dancers are the lifeblood of our activity. Only with their enthusiasm and ideas can square dancing continue to flourish.